On the Oakland Warriors podcast we talk about all things Golden State Warriors from an old school die-hard fan perspective. If you didn’t love them at their worst, you don’t deserve them at their best.

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Runtime: 42 min

Episode 8 Show Notes:
An episode for old school fans, Patrick and Chuong debate the best Golden State Warriors shooting guard over the past 30 years. Is it Klay Thompson, Mitch Richmond, J-Rich, Spree, Monta? What about John Starks? (Just kidding.) Using stats and the always accurate eye test, we dig deep into our bag of Warriors fandom to settle this argument.


Runtime: 37 min

Episode 7 Show Notes:
It’s go time! As the Warriors embark on solidifying their greatness with one of the best championship runs of all-time, Patrick and Chuong talk about what they’re looking forward to, worried about, and expecting from the season.

Also: the weirdness that is the Patrick McCaw situation, Damian Jones’ potential at center, MVP-Steph coming back if KD leaves, OKC’s well-roundedness, and Lebron’s ability to lift up the young and talented Lakers squad.


Runtime: 24 min

Episode 6 Show Notes:
Patrick and Chuong talk about the surreal (yet entertaining) Jimmy Butler situation in Minnesota, how it reminds them of Latrell Sprewell, how glad they are the Warriors have Klay on their team, and how the whole fiasco might shake out for the Timberwolves.


Runtime: 20 min

Episode 5 Show Notes:
This is the Warriors FINAL season in Oakland before they move to the brand new shiny Chase Center in San Francisco’s Mission Bay. Patrick and Chuong talk about the pros and cons of the move, what it might mean to the team’s fanbase, and if the Dubs are leaving the city of Oakland hanging.


Runtime: 37 min

Episode 4 Show Notes:
As NBA training camps begin, Patrick and Chuong take a look at all the teams that might have a chance to knock off the Warriors this season.

(1:25) Rockets
(6:25) Lakers
(10:03) OKC
(11:06) Jazz
(13:10) Spurs
(15:27) TWolves
(17:36) NOP
(20:49) Celtics
(24:36) Raps, Sixers, Pacers
(26:00) More Celtics
(29:28) Raiders
(31:03) Jaylen Brown
(33:12) Will these Golden State Warriors have the greatest starting lineup of all-time?


Runtime: 26 min

Episode 3 Show Notes:
Patrick and Chuong dare to dream: (00:17) what if DeMarcus Cousins comes back healthy? Also, (11:26) Matt Barnes once again proves he’s a real dude’s dude, and (21:28) Qatar Klay temporarily replaces China Klay.


Runtime: 23 min

Episode 2 Show Notes:
To celebrate the 2018 Hall of Fame inductees, Patrick and Chuong discuss (2:01) how ridiculously good Jason Kidd was at St. Joseph’s, (9:09) Steve Nash’s underdog beginnings at Santa Clara, (15:54) Grant Hill’s career IF he didn’t get injured, (21:58) and Ray Allen.


Runtime: 52 min

Episode 1 Show Notes:
To launch the Oakland Warriors podcast, Patrick and Chuong discuss (2:07) the wild ups and downs of longtime Warriors fandom, (13:00) if the Warriors ruined the NBA, (20:35) how much better the world is when Kevin Durant operates without a filter, (26:41) the pending awesomeness of the Warriors and Lakers actually being good at the same time, (39:47) free agency, (44:43) and Draymond Green vs. Tristan Thompson.