1) No urgency
Maybe because the Cavs are playing so awfully or because there really is no one who worries the them in the Western Conference, the Warriors don’t seem to have a sense of urgency in these games. The post-China excuse shouldn’t be valid any longer. Maybe the guys are just so used to the rhythms of their previous NBA seasons that the earlier October start and more compressed training camp schedule still has lingering affects on their body clocks. 

Whatever it is, there’s still nothing to worry about. It’s a once in a generation luxury to be so confident that the only true opponent (barring injury) is oneself. How can each player improve? How can the collective improve? Right now, it feels like they have to reach a proverbial valley before they start climbing back up to that peak again. They’ll get there, but it’ll be extremely interesting to see how this year’s narrative unfolds.

They’re getting every team’s best shot again this year, so the sloppiness, lack of focus and half-baked effort leaves them ripe for the pickings. The Warriors are so good that only a few teams have walked away from them with a win, but at some point this season, the leaders on this team will have to stand up and say enough’s enough.

2) Should Patrick McCaw be further along?
Again, it’s early in the season, but Patrick McCaw’s lack of consistent playing time is disappointing. Whether it’s due to what he’s showing in practice or simply Steve Kerr’s disposition, the eye test from the playoffs and summer league placed McCaw in the position of making a mini-leap this year.

That sadly hasn’t been the case thus far. The combination of the Warriors’ inconsistent start as well the additions of Nick Young and Omri Casspi haven’t helped. Casspi is looking like a keeper, someone who realizes that for his skillset, he’s playing in basketball heaven. Swaggy P, though, continues to look a little lost on defense, and if he isn’t hitting threes, then there’s no point in having him on the floor. McCaw is just as passive out there as he was during his rookie season. He continues to defer to much to the non-Hamptons 5 vets. Let’s hope he finds an opportunity in the next couple weeks to put a vice grip on those back up shooting guard minutes. It’ll be better for everyone in the long run.

3) Hype men at Oracle
When I used to go to games, there weren’t those hype men exhorting us to start cheering. I understand it’s all about the entertainment quotient, but watching streams on NBA League Pass without commercials is painful. I’m sure all those dudes are probably nice guys, but on the court dancing around, they’re quite annoying to watch. I’m pretty sure I would’ve thought the same thing when I was a kid.

So it goes.