OaklandWarriors.com is a podcast, fan site, and blog talking all things Warriors. To be clear, OaklandWarriors.com has no affiliation with the National Basketball Association or the Golden State Warriors. We’re just Bay Area natives who’ve been fans since the ’80s. It’s been a long and winding road to this point, so let’s celebrate what we all have now — quite possibly the greatest team the league has ever seen.

We also make shirts. As they say in film and literature, you should write the stories you want to see and hear. By that same logic, we make the shirts that we want to show off and wear. We hope you want to wear them too.

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OaklandWarriors.com was founded by Patrick Epino, a long-time Warriors fan and basketball junkie. His dad used to split season tickets with a co-worker and take Patrick and his brother to games way back when Coliseum parking was only $7. (Imagine that.)

He currently reps the Warriors hard while living in Los Angeles. He’s a filmmaker and producer whose work includes Awesome Asian Bad Guys and the National Film Society YouTube channel.